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Beta version 0.8.14 now available for download!

Fill in your name, e-mail and code below.

The game will be downloaded as a file with the extension .apk .
This is a so called android package, which can be installed on any Android device.
Just open the downloaded file on your android device, and it will be automatically installed.

Minimum device requirements:
Your device has to run at least Android version 3.0.
In your device settings, trust installations from other sources than Google Play Store.
The game will be released in Google Play Store once beta testing is finished.

For security reasons, please enter the code above

Alchemy of Hits is currently in the stage of beta testing.
All feedback is highly appreciated, so we can make sure a stable version can be released in the Play Store soon.
Feedback can be sent from inside the game, or with the contact form.