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The Game

Alchemy of Hits is based on the classic game of Alchemy, in which you drag elements on top of each other, to create new elements.
In this game we take it a step further. You still combine elements, but not only to find new elements. The purpose of Alchemy of Hits is to find Songs and Artists.

There are more then 150 International hits hidden in the game.
Timeless classics to contemporary hits. From The Beatles to Coldplay. From Deep Purple to Adele.
Combine your puzzle skills and love for music, and find all the songs that are hidden in the game!

You start with four basic elements:

earth water fire air

By dragging an element across the screen, you can drop it on top of another element,
and so create new elements.

Some elements combine into the title of a Song or the name of an Artist.
The purpose of the game is to find all the songs that are hidden in the game.

For example, if you drag water onto air, you can create rain.

+ =
water air rain


+ =
water fire smoke

The new found element can now be used to try and make more elements.

Or do you perhaps know a song with the word rain or smoke in the title?
If you can find another word from that song‘s title, you might find your first song!
Ok, here are two examples to get you going

+ =
fire rain Set Fire to the Rain,
a song by Adele!


+ =
smoke water Smoke on the water
by Deep Purple

And because you discovered a song by Deep Purple, you also found two more elements,
deep and purple!
These new elements you can of course now use to try and find more elements or songs.

Now try for yourself and DOWNLOAD the game.